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Adventures of Jack Burton

Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Adventures of Jack Burton: The Hell of No Return Adventures of Jack Burton
"The Hell of No Return"
Big Trouble in Little China #9 (BOOM! Studios)
Story by John Carpenter and Eric Powell
Writer: Eric Powell
Artist: Brian Churilla
Colorist: Lisa Moore
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover A: Eric Powell
March 2015


Jack and Lo Pan attempt to evade eternal torment in the Hell of No Return.


Story Summary


Jack wakes up in the Hell of No Return alongside Lo Pan. Lo Pan explains that since they died so close together, he was able to drag Jack's spirit down into the Hell of No Return with him. They are soon pursued by flying boars.


In Chinatown, Egg Shen and Wang take Jack's dead body to a demon called Tai Sui Laohu, who may be able to reunite Jack's spirit with his body.


Back in the Hell of No Return, Jack and Lo Pan have been captured by the demons and are tied to posts, about to have their bodies prodded by red hot pokers from a bonfire. A demonic enemy of Lo Pan's arrives with the desire to make him suffer, but Lo Pan promises to grant the demon possession of a martyr to do with as he pleases...Jack! The demon agrees and Lo Pan is freed. With a last gloat, Lo Pan takes his leave and the demon moves in on Jack with his sword red hot from the bonfire, saying, "I always wanted to skin a martyr. Would you like us to start peeling you from the top or the bottom?"




Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Jack Burton

Lo Pan

Miao Yin

Wang Chi

Egg Shen

Chang Sing

Tai Sui Laohu

Unnamed demon


Didja Know?


The issues of this series did not have individual titles. I chose the title "The Hell of No Return" based on the name of the Chinese hell Jack and Lo Pan find themselves in in this issue.


Didja Notice?


Lo Pan tells Jack that they've landed in another of the Chinese hells, the Hell of No Return.


Lugging along the barrel containing Jack's dead body on page 8, Egg and Wang enter a Chinatown shop owned by the demon Tai Sui Laohu and his lackey tells them, "Hey, this ain't Daytona Beach! You can't bring guys in barrels in here!" I'm not sure what he means by seemingly comparing Daytona Beach and a man in a barrel. Am I missing something?


Upon meeting Egg on page 10, Tai Sui Laohu tells him, "For the last time, Egg Shen, I'm not interested in an Orlando time share." Apparently, Egg has been trying to get the demon to enter a time share agreement with him on a vacation home in Orlando, Florida!


On page 12, notice that the table Egg and Wang place Jack's body on in Tai Sui Laohu's abode is a billiards table.


On page 14, Egg Shen mentions the Hell of the Oily Dragon, where he had assumed Lo Pan would go upon his death.

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