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Adventures of Jack Burton

Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Adventures of Jack Burton: The Ghosts of Storms Adventures of Jack Burton
"The Ghosts of Storms"
Big Trouble in Little China #1 (BOOM! Studios)
(Pages 7-22)
Story by John Carpenter and Eric Powell
Writer: Eric Powell
Artist: Brian Churilla
Colorist: Michael Garland
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover A: Eric Powell
June 2014


Jack and Pete attend Wang and Miao's (disrupted) wedding.


Story Summary


Jack and Pete arrive in San Francisco's Chinatown for Wang's wedding and in order for Jack to unload Pete on him or Egg Shen. But Egg tells him that when Jack killed Lo Pan, the Hell-beast's bond was transferred to him.


The wedding takes place and Jack gets drunk at the open bar, telling Pete all about his second marriage. Then the Wing Kong tong crashes the reception to seek vengeance for the death of Lo Pan. Jack, Pete, Egg, and Wang fight back, but then a warrior sorcerer disciple of Lo Pan, Qiang Wu arrives. He captures Miao Yin and bests Wang, then challenges Jack to retrieve the spirits of the Three Storms (Thunder, Rain, and Lightning) to save the life of Wang.


"Sister, challenge accepted," says Jack.




Notes from the Jack Burton chronology


Blair Marnell published an interview with Matthew J. Elliot, author of the novel Big Trouble In Mother Russia, at Crave Online in which it is stated by Marnell (in the comments section) that the novel takes place after Jack meets the monster on his truck, but before he attends Wang’s wedding (both in this issue). The first six pages of this issue depict Jack's meeting the monster (whom he starts to call Pete). Page 7 has Jack and Pete (now sort of Jack's pet) arriving for Wang's wedding. Hence, I've broken this issue into two parts in the chronology so that Big Trouble In Mother Russia can take place in between.


The beginning of Big Trouble In Mother Russia has Jack stating that his encounter with David Lo Pan in Chinatown was "a few months back". The novel spans several days, and this story picks up shortly afterwards.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Jack Burton


Wang Chi

Miao Yin

Egg Shen

Lo Pan (mentioned only, deceased)

Cecil (Jack's cousin, mentioned only)

Mrs. Burton #2 (unnamed, in flashback only)

Mrs. Burton #2's father (unnamed, in flashback only)

Wing Kong

Qiang Wu

Thunder (mentioned only, deceased)

Rain (mentioned only, deceased)

Lightning (mentioned only, deceased)




Didja Notice?


On page 7, panel 1, the Pork-Chop Express is missing its stripes and logos.


In panel 2 of page 7, we can see that Wang's wedding is taking place at Dong's Wedding Chapel and Bingo Hall in Chinatown. This is, of course, a fictitious business.


Notice that Jack is wearing the same tank top shirt to the wedding he wore through most of Big Trouble in Little China! I guess he doesn't believe in dressing up.


Another Chinese hell named here by Egg is the Hell of the Flesh-Eating Serpents Who Like Warm Crevices.


Egg tells Jack that Pete was a demon bound to Lo Pan and when Jack killed Lo Pan, the bond was transferred to him. The bond is unbreakable unless someone kills Jack and receives the bond themselves. Egg says, "He's stuck to you worse than herpes!" Herpes is an incurable venereal disease.


As Jack tells Pete the story of his second marriage, he says he met her at his cousin Cecil's wedding in Nebraska. Cecil was marrying a girl with a harelip. "Harelip" is another (mostly outdated) term for a cleft lip.


On page 12, Jack says "Andale" to the clerk who marries him to his second wife. Andale is a Mexican term for "go on".


At the bottom of page 12, it appears that a couple of Mexican wrestlers and a refugee from a Day of the Dead parade attended Jack's wedding reception.

Jack's second wedding reception


Jack says that his second father-in-law was the head of a crazy death cult wanting to resurrect a Babylonian demi-god to bring about the end times "...or start a taco was something crazy like that." The taco truck seems the more likely story, especially taking into consideration actor Kurt Russell's remarks in the DVD commentary of Big Trouble in Little China that he considered Jack to be a teller of tall tales of his past exploits, then ran into a real situation (filled with magic and violence) with his friend Wang Chi against the forces of Lo Pan in the film.


On page 14, Wing Kong minions crash through the window at Wang's wedding. The Wing Kong were a tong working for Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China.


Qiang Wu names another Chinese hell as the Hell of the Seven-Faced Widow.


Jack's response to Qiang Wu's challenge is phrased in a very similar manner to his monologue at the beginning of Big Trouble in Little China about an eight-foot-tall maniac in a bar.

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