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Adventures of Jack Burton

Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Adventures of Jack Burton: So Long, Chinatown Adventures of Jack Burton
"So Long, Chinatown"
Big Trouble in Little China #5 (BOOM! Studios)
Story by John Carpenter and Eric Powell
Writer: Eric Powell
Artist: Brian Churilla
Colorist: Michael Spicer
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover A: Eric Powell
October 2014


Jack and Egg flee from Lo Pan to protect Wang Chi and Miao Yin.


Story Summary


The resurrected Lo Pan is furious at having been sent to the Hell of Those Killed By Idiots by Jack and vows a slow and painful vengeance against him, while also vowing to take back his erstwhile bride, Miao Yin. Egg uses his magic to help them all escape for now, but Pete remains with Lo Pan, his bond with Jack broken by the return of his former master.


At Egg's abode, the team splits up to mislead Lo Pan and protect Miao Yin. Disguised as Miao Yin, Wang travels with Jack in the Pork-Chop Express many miles away from San Francisco. Meanwhile, Egg takes the real Miao Yin into hiding through the underground trails beneath Chinatown, where flows the black blood of the Earth. But one of Lo Pan's watcher entities sees them making their way through the subterranean chambers.


Miles and miles away, Jack and Wang stop at a greasy spoon biker joint and Wang is felled by a bad burrito just as he and Jack find themselves in a biker brawl.




Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Lo Pan

Jack Burton

Wang Chi

Egg Shen


Wing Kong

Miao Yin

Qiang Wu

Jack's mother (unnamed, mentioned only)

Lords of Death

Chang Sing

Mable (bartender, named in issue #6)


Didja Know?


The issues of this series did not have individual titles. I chose the title "So Long, Chinatown" from Jack's dialog as he and Wang flee San Francisco in an attempt to keep Wang from the clutches of Lo Pan.


Didja Notice?


On Cover A by Eric Powell, notice that Pete is depicted with the other villains, Lo Pan and the Three Storms, an early indication that Lo Pan's resurrection has broken the bond that tied him to Jack.


This issue reveals the existence of the Chinese Hells of: the Oily Dragon, the Horny Dragon, Those Hung Up by their Thumbs and Eaten from the Toes Up by Flesh Eating Slugs, Razor Blades and Fire, and Insufferable Gastrointestinal Acid Spiders.


On page 7, Jack says "Andale" to Pete while trying to get the beast to attack Lo Pan. Andale is a Mexican term for "go on".


On page 9, Egg refers to Lo Pan as "Davey". In Big Trouble in Little China, Lo Pan went by the name of David Lo Pan in the human world.


Lo Pan believes that Egg Shen's previous victory against him (in Big Trouble in Little China) has shamed him in the eyes of Ching Dai. Ching Dai is a demonic god worshipped by Lo Pan, as seen in Big Trouble in Little China.


On page 10, Jack claims that his mother has diphtheria. Diphtheria is a respiratory illness that is highly contagious and can lead to death.


The bus seen parked at Egg's abode on page 11 is his tour bus for Egg Foo Yong Tours, previously seen in Big Trouble in Little China.


On page 12, Lo Pan tells his minions to bring him Miao Yin and Jack Burton while he catches up on his stories, "as I have been away for a while". "My stories" is sometimes used as a euphemism for "soap operas" by those who are addicted to watching them.


On page 13, panel 1, the young men standing in front of Egg's abode appear to be members of the Lords of Death street gang, last seen in Big Trouble in Little China (notice the funky sunglasses).


On page 20, panel 4, Wang appears to knock four teeth out of a biker's mouth with one blow!


In the last panel of the issue, notice that one of the bikers has a tattoo on his belly that appears to be basically the same cobra design as that worn by Snake Plissken, another Kurt Russell character in a John Carpenter film series!

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