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Adventures of Jack Burton

Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Weird Mojo
"Weird Mojo"
Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York #2 (BOOM! Studios)
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Daniel Bayliss
Colors: Triona Farrell
Letters: Simon Bowland
Subscription Cover by Humberto Ramos (Colors by Edgar Delgado)
November 2016


Jack and Snake team up to rescue the refugees of the Federal Culture Bunker.


Story Summary


Snake finally agrees to help Bobby and Jack in the rescue of the refugees in the Federal Culture Bunker in Cleveland. Making their way into the bunker, they find Blind Apple Mary herself is one of the refugees. They also discover that Snake's old nemesis Bob Hauk is their defending them.


Together, they all work out a plan that successfully gets them out of the bunker. Meanwhile, the spirit of Lo Pan is also trapped in Snake's world and uses the ancient Chinese scroll in the vault of supernatural research to summon a plethora of alternate Snake Plisskens to fight as his champions!




Notes from the Jack Burton and Snake Plissken chronologies


This issue opens in 2001.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue



Jack Burton

Snake Plissken

Bobby Liu

David Lo Pan (spirit form)

Miao Yin (mentioned only)

Wang Chi (mentioned only)

Helene (last name revealed as Chow in "Part 3")

Blind Apple Mary

Jane Shetovich (mentioned only)

Bob Hauk

David Lo Pan

alternate Snake Plisskens


Didja Know?


This was a 6-issue mini-series published by BOOM! Studios that features a cross-over story of the characters of Jack Burton and Snake Plissken, both portrayed by actor Kurt Russell in the John Carpenter films Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York (and Escape from L.A.), respectively.


This issue did not have an individual title. I have given it the title of "Weird Mojo" based on a line of dialog by Jack Burton in this issue.


Didja Notice?


On the Daniel Bayliss cover for this issue, Wang appears to be at the wheel of the Pork-Chop Express. Wang's Dragon of the Black Pool restaurant is seen just behind the truck. The Statue of Liberty head from the famous movie poster of Escape from New York is also seen in the background. In the foreground, Snake is wielding a handheld M134 Minigun like the movie props used in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Predator. Bayliss cover


This issue opens in the Dead Zone of the Oklatexas Range. The Oklatexas Range was introduced in "Snake's World", but this is the first mention of the Dead Zone.


On page 2, Bobby remarks that as far as he can figure, Jack is a version of Snake from another dimension.


Panels 1 and 2 of page 3 are scenes from Big Trouble in Little China.


On page 4, the Pork-Chop Express plows into a vehicle that appears to be called a Bonco. This may be a play on the Ford Bronco.


At the bottom of page 4, an overturned vehicle has a "Lone Wolfe" logo painted on it roof.


Page 6, panels 1-5, present a glimpse of Snake's infamous exploits during the Battle of Leningrad in 1995. This is the first time that the Battle of Leningrad is nailed down to any kind of date.


On page 7, the Pork-Chop Express is seen to pass through the cities/locations of Kansas City, Indianapolis, Lake Erie, and Cleveland (located on the southern shore of Lake Erie) on the way to the Federal Culture Bunker. The Federal Culture Bunker was stated to be in Cleveland in "Snake's World".


On page 12, as he races into battle, guns blazing, Bobby says, "This way! Hey, hey!" This may be a reference to lyrics in the 1977 song "Why Is It Always This Way?" by the Ramones.


On page 12, panel 3, Jack appears to have blond hair instead of brown.


Bobby's wife Helene is introduced on page 13. Just as Bobby is an alternate universe version of Wang, Helene appears to be an alternate universe version of Miao Yin (notice she has green eyes).


On page 17, Snake sees Hauk and says, "I thought you were dead." Besides being a play on the phrase heard about Snake himself in Escape from New York, Hauk was seemingly killed by Snake in "Escape from Siberia" in 1997.


Hauk seems to imply, on page 17, that the United States Police Force no longer exists.


On page 18, panel 3, Hauk has an earring in his right ear. It should be in his left, as seen in Escape from New York (though the novelization of the film has the earring on his right ear).


Many of the attacking Marauders appear to be carrying M16 rifles, used widely by U.S. military forces (in various models) since 1964.


On page 19, what looks to be a 1970's era Ford pick-up is seen on panel 3. Notice it has the Ford emblem on the side, but only says "ORD", the "F" having fallen off (with two puncture marks where it was mounted).


On page 20, Jack is firing an Uzi machine gun out the window of the Pork-Chop Express at the Marauders attacking the Culture Bunker.


On the last page of this issue, Lo Pan uses the forgotten Chinese scroll to summon "champions" for himself from across dimensions and they all turn out to be alternate versions of Snake Plissken, including cyborg Snake, giant Snake, female Snake, black Snake, and cartoon Snake!


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