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Adventures of Jack Burton

Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Jack Burton/Snake Plissken: Standing at the Crossroad
"Standing at the Crossroad"
Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York #4 (BOOM! Studios)
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Daniel Bayliss
Colors: Triona Farrell
Letters: Simon Bowland
Subscription Cover by Felipe Massafera
January 2017


Snake reluctantly rescues Jack from the other Snakes and Hauk shows his true colors.


Story Summary


Blind Apple Mary convinces Snake to rescue Jack from his self-created endangerment and a battle between Snake and a pack other Snakes ensues. Jack and Snake manage to escape and catch up to the Pork-Chop Express, but the rig is stopped on the road with Bobby injured. Blind Apple Mary tells them that Hauk betrayed and stole her guitar...which was a magic guitar.




Notes from the Jack Burton and Snake Plissken chronologies


This issue opens in 2001.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


David Lo Pan (spirit form)

alternate Snake Plisskens

Jack Burton

Bobby Liu

Helene Chow

Bob Hauk

Snake Plissken

Blind Apple Mary

Blind Apple Mary's father (mentioned only)


Didja Know?


This was a 6-issue mini-series published by BOOM! Studios that features a cross-over story of the characters of Jack Burton and Snake Plissken, both portrayed by actor Kurt Russell in the John Carpenter films Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York (and Escape from L.A.), respectively.


This issue did not have an individual title. I have given it the title of "Standing at the Crossroad" based on Blind Apple Mary's story of her magic guitar.


Didja Notice?


The subscription cover by Felipe Massafera for this issue has a face in the background that appears to be that of Pete the Hell beast, but the creature does not appear in this issue.


Starting in this issue, Hauk's earring is in his left ear (as it was in the film Escape from New York) instead of his right as seen in the previous issues.


The "Welcome to Buffalo" sign on page 6 does not appear to be similar to any of the actual such signs leading into the city.


On page 8, the sign in the distance behind Jack may be a "welcome to the city" sign from Rotary International, based on the emblem seen on it. Rotary International is an international service organization meant to provide humanitarian services in the local community.


On page 9, one of the Plisskens calls Snake "warg dirt". In Norse mythology, a warg is a giant wolf, often known to eat humans. Since a couple of giant wolves are also on scene here as alternate Plisskens, "warg dirt" may refer to "wolf shit".


On page 11, the female Plissken is wielding an Uzi submachine gun.


On page 20, Blind Apple Mary says she was ten years old in 1935. That would make her about 76 now (in 2001).


On the last page of the issue, Hauk's hair is mistakenly colored brown instead of white as he rides up to a U.S. government installation on a motorcycle.

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